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Milano Italian Restaurant

Wood Fired Pizza and Oven Cooked Dishes

We are proud to bring you an authentic taste of Naples using our newly installed wood-fired oven. Join us to experience mouth-watering hand-finished pizzas or delicious, smoky fish, chicken and vegetable dishes.

Our wood-fired oven uses locally sourced kiln-dried wood. It’s heated to the exact temperature, so each lovingly prepared, delicious pizza is ready in under two minutes. Every freshly made oven-baked dish is cooked to perfection. You’ll find just a hint of the smoky, charred taste you would expect from traditional Italian wood-fired food.

Wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza

Experience a traditional Italian pizza at our Milano Restaurant

We source the finest Caputo OO flour for our authentic Neapolitan dough because it makes the best pizza! Our chef shapes and proofs our dough in the Milano kitchen, allowing the flavour to develop to create the perfect pizza base.

Each fresh pizza topping is sourced from the highest quality local producers, whenever possible, ensuring they are full of flavour and utterly delicious. Only the creamiest of buffalo mozzarella is chosen, creating the best cheese melt you can find.

Our range of pizzas reflect the real taste of Naples. Look at our full pizza menu! There is an option for everyone with meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. We even offer a moreish dessert pizza for those of you with a sweet tooth!

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Served Straight From The Oven

Freshly cooked Italian dishes

Freshly cooked Italian dishes with a distinctive yet subtle smoky flavour are always on offer if you don’t fancy a pizza!

Our wood-fired oven produces the most delicious fish and chicken dishes. By heating the oven to the perfect temperature, our prawn, chicken and seabass options cook to perfection. They will melt in your mouth! Each ingredient will bring an exquisite, flavourful taste straight to your plate through the preparation and cooking process.

Every dish is packed full of the freshest ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. For vegetarians and vegans, there’s a tasty Mediterranean vegetable option, which never disappoints.

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